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Bureau Veritas CPS E&E broadens its Wi-Fi testing service to Wi-Fi Alliance Certification

       Bureau Veritas CPS E&E Taiwan Branch is pleased to announce that the company has recently qualified for new certification programs to Passpoint, TDLS and Miracast. These three new services further extend its service scope to Wi-Fi Alliance certification.
       Passpoint (a.k.a Hotsopt 2.0) is targeted to be operated in hotspot environments. Testing will be executed on vendor products so as to grant products a “seal of interoperability and performance consistent with the device”. Passpoint certification is split into two phases. The first phase provides a comprehensive verification to network discovery and secure access. Second phase which is scheduled to be launched in Q2, 2013 will further verify registration and provisioning protocols. Products which are seeking to certify with Passpoint shall certify with Certified-n/WPA2 beforehand.

       TDLS (Tunneled Direct Link Setup) is another Peer to Peer like technology. Stations(STAs) still utilize AP to make connection and communicate with each other. TDLS allow STA to create an alternative channel for direct link communication bypassing AP. It is expected to increase the efficiency of communication within a network. Products which are seeking to certify with TDLS shall certify with 11n or WPA2 beforehand.

       Miracast (a.k.a Wi-Fi Display) is a new wireless multimedia streaming technology. End user can simply open one of the video clip in the Source (ex. SmartPhone) and then display it in Sink product (ex. TV). It expects to replace component video and HDMI cable to provide high resolution multimedia streaming. Products which are seeking to certify with Miracast shall certify with 11n, WPS2.0, Wi-Fi Direct and/or TDLS(if supported) beforehand.
BV CPS E&E Taiwan Branch Wi-Fi Certification Programs

Comprhenasive solution for mobile devices

Our Service Item

* IEEE 802.11a/b/g with Wi-Fi Protected Access v2 (IEEE 802.11a/b/g)
* CERTIFIEDTM n (IEEE 802.11n)
* Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMMTM)
* WMMTM Power Save
* Wi-Fi Protected SetupTM 2 (WPSTM2.0)
* Wi-Fi DirectTM (P2P)
* Protected Management Frame (PMF)
* Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) Personal
* Voice over Wi-Fi(VoWiFi) Enterprise
* Passpoint (Hostspot2.0)
* Miracast(Wi-Fi Display)

 RF Performance
* Wi-Fi CWG-RF (OTA)

Bureau Veritas CPS E&E’s Comprehensive Mobile Testing Certification Program
 Bureau Veritas CPS E&E boasts the industry’s leading testing capacity for mobile communication products. In addition to providing testing services for mandatory requirements such as electromagnetic compatibility, radio frequency and safety required by various countries, the company is also capable of implementing compliance testing procedures specified by PTCRB, GCF and WiMAX Forum. With respect to OTA functional requirements, Bureau Veritas is also capable of conducting tests relevant to CTIA, GCF, Wi-Fi Alliance CWG-RF, WiMAX Forum and telecom carriers. In addition, in terms of interoperability requirements, BV has already completed test items specified by Wi-Fi Alliance and the WiMAX Forum and can provide clients with a one-stop testing and certification solution and help them to effectively reduce the costs of testing and certification and speed up the time-to-market of their products, while ensuring that their products are of the highest quality.



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