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KCC updates New SAR testing method for RF device

The detail of SAR measurement has been announced at RRA notification on December 6th, 2012 and will be effective on January 1, 2013. Body SAR testing is required for all radio equipment that is used within 20 cm of the human body.


What is KCC?
It means “Korean Communication Certification”. KCC supervises Korean telecommunication regulations and KCC certification. Also, KCC certification covers the products related to computers and equipments, wire devices, as well as radio communications equipment.

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KCC has the following SAR new requirements:

1.SAR measurement for 150MHz frequency band
2.The mobile phone can use simplified SAR measurement
3.Define LTE SAR testing procedure, which is different from FCC requirements
4.Define multiple transmitters SAR evaluation method, which is different from FCC rule
5.Define SAR measurement method for wireless microphone
6.KCC can accept RF module SAR report
7.Define USB Dongle SAR measurement and the Gap is 2.5CM

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