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Bureau Veritas Becomes First 4G LTE NCC Test Lab approved by TAF in Taiwan

November 15, 2013 – The 4G LTE era has arrived in Taiwan’s mobile devices communication! NCC (National Communications Commission) has announced technical specifications for mobile broadband radio equipment related LTE (Long Term Evolution) devices inspection on October 15, 2013, and completed the bidding process  for mobile broadband carrier’s service on Oct. 30, 2013.


Bureau Veritas is pleased to announce that the company becomes first 4G LTE NCC test lab approved by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation  (TAF)  in Taiwan on 14 Nov. 2013 providing 4G LTE NCC PLMN10 (Mobile broadband Subscriber station technical specifications for LTE terminal equipment)and IS2050 (Mobile broadband Base Station Radio Frequency Equipment technical specifications for LTE Based Station) testing service.



As the result of the wide usage of smart devices and its rapidly technical development,  the mobile broadband is driven into a new technology generation. LTE 4G has gradually become a general standard in the world.  According to DIGITIMES Research, global LTE users are estimated to reach 208 million in 2013 and the annual growth rate is 205%. By the end of 2013, the global LTE users will exceed 200 million (remark :1). It can be asserted that Taiwan is a broadband island because there are 7.86 million broadband users compared to 23.1 million populations in 7.8 million families in Taiwan.  The penetration rate in terms of household internet users is 78.7% and the percentage for schools, government organizations using internet are 100%. Increasingly, the mobile users on internet climb to 16.6 million. The bandwidth of global network is up to 330Gbps and the penetration rate for broadband usage rises continuously(remark : 1).



As far as the current technology is concerned, the international telecom operators have adopted the LTE base station with 3GPP R8 specifications. The peak throughput can be up to 150 Mbps for the LTE base station which complies R8 specifications with 2X2 MIMO and deploys 20MHz bandwidth( remark: 2 ).


With the continuous development of LTE technology and move forward in the future, there will be numerous end products supporting LTE smart phone and tablet devices. Bureau Veritas has foreseen the booming LTE capability in the future and we are pleased to acquire this qualification for providing NCC PLMN10 and IS2050 testing service as the first Product Testing Laboratory in Taiwan. It also presents Bureau Veritas as an industry leader in wireless and mobile communication device testing and certification. By providing the LTE testing and certification service for CE Mark from EU, FCC from America, and other countries, Bureau Veritas embraces the latest mobile communication technology development and presents our customers a full range of LTE testing solutions. We will offer our superior and professional testing and help our clients stay competitive in global market.



Bureau Veritas CPS E&E Taiwan - LTE Testing and Certification Solution


Bureau Veritas boasts Taiwan’s leading testing capacity for mobile communication products helping clients effectively reduce the costs of testing and certification, while speeding up the time-to-market of their products. In addition to providing testing services for mandatory requirements such as electromagnetic compatibility, radio frequency and safety required by various countries, the company can also provide compliance testing procedures specified by PTCRB, GCF and the WiMAX Forum. With respect to OTA functional requirements, Bureau Veritas is capable of conducting tests relevant to CTIA, GCF, Wi-Fi Alliance CWG-RF, WiMAX Forum and telecom carriers. In addition, in terms of interoperability requirements, Bureau Veritas has already completed test items specified by Wi- Fi Alliance and the WiMAX Forum and provides its clients with a one-stop testing and certification solution.


Product Type

Testing Category

Testing Item





OTA Test



Carrier OTA Test


Conformance Test

GCF/PTCRB for RF, RRM, Protocol, SIM/USIM,

Mandatory regulatory tests

EMC, Safety, RF, SAR, HAC, T-Coil

LTE Base Station, Femto cell

Mandatory regulatory tests

EMC, Safety, RF

Conformance Test

Conformance for RF


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More information about  NCC PLMN10 and NCC IS2050


Please refer to the following link for details (Chinese version only):


Technical Specifications

Announcement link

Technical Specifications link

Technical Specifications for Mobile Broadband Base Station Radio Frequency Equipment IS2050

Announcement- IS2050

Technical Specifications-IS2050

Technical Specifications for Mobile Broadband Subscriber Station, PLMN10


Technical Specifications- PLMN10


Remark 1 : Source from DIGITIMES Research, link as below:


1. LTE市場與產業發展動向與預測&cat=BWC&v=20131029-472&n=1




Remark 2: Source from MIC research report, link as below :


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