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Bureau Veritas Becomes First Qualified Certification Body to Issue NCC 4G LTE Certificate in Taiwan

January 28, 2014 — Taiwan — Bureau Veritas was approved by TAF (Taiwan Accreditation Foundation) on November 14, 2013, to become the first testing and certification test lab in Taiwan to provide services for 4G LTE NCC PLMN10 (Technical Specifications for Mobile Broadband Subscriber Station) and IS2050 (Mobile Broadband Base Station Radio Frequency Equipment Technical Specifications). On January 28, 2014, Bureau Veritas obtained the qualification to issue NCC 4G LTE certificate certification, for providing its customers with more comprehensive and integrated testing services. Bureau Veritas is the first test lab and certification body in Taiwan to certify these qualifications, which attests to its leading position in the 4G LTE testing and certification field. 


Severe global warming in recent years has led to frequent natural disasters, and even casualities. Meanwhile, the ubiquity of smart phones, and the rapid development in 4G LTE have prompted the Taiwanese government to combine wireless communication systems with the Disaster Announcement Cell Broadcast Service (the Public Warning System, or PWS). PWS is one of essential test of PLMN10. This system allows authorities to alert the populace of danger as soon as a disaster occurs, thereby greatly reducing the number of injuries and deaths. An example of a PWS system in action was seen during the 2011 Tohoku earthquake in Japan. The Japanese government used PWS to broadcast an early warning to its citizens regarding the tsunami and the nuclear accident that resulted from the earthquake, effectively reducing the total number of casualties. That is why the Regulations for Administration of Mobile Broadband Businesses and the Technical Specifications for Mobile Broadband Subscriber Station (PLMN10), both published by the NCC in 2013, stipulate that telecommunications providers should provide free use of the PWS service to mobile phone users; it also listed the service as one of the compulsory testing items for NCC 4G LTE. This new regulation represents a great leap from traditional technology toward a new era, mobile communication with PWS, for massive mobile users.



After becoming the first NCC 4G LTE test lab in Taiwan to obtain approval from the TAF on November 14, 2013, Bureau Veritas was authorized by the NCC on January 28, 2014, to become the first certification body in Taiwan for the issuance of type approval certificate for NCC 4G LTE products. This achievement once more demonstrates Bureau Veritas’ prestigious status in wireless and mobile communication device testing and certification service.  By providing the LTE testing and certification service for CE Mark from EU, FCC from America, and other countries, Bureau Veritas embraces the latest mobile communication technology development and delivers a full range of LTE testing solutions to help customers to obtain the competitive edge.



Bureau Veritas can provide below services with NCC certificate for wireless products.





Compliance Approval Certification Service for TTE




Public Switched Telephone Network, PSTN

Telephone set, including VOIP phone

Cordless phone


Automatic alarming equipment


Key telephone system (KTS) equipment


Telephone answering machine


Data equipment, including ADSL (ATU-R) terminal equipment and POTS splitter


Fax machine


Caller ID terminal equipment


Remote control equipment


2.4GHz radio-frequency telecommunications terminal equipment

Public Land Mobile Network, PLMN

GSM cellular phone and mobile equipment

The third generation mobile telecommunication terminal equipment


DCS1800 cellular phone and mobile equipment


Wireless Broadband Access (WBA) station equipment (WiMAX)


Mobile Broadband Subscriber Station (PLMN10)



Compliance Approval Certification Service for LPD of CTRFD




Low-Power Radio-Frequency Device(LPD)

Device operating in the frequency band below (including) 1GHz.


Device operating in the frequency band above 1GHz


Device employing frequency hopping or digital modulation techniques or Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure Device.



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Regarding PWS



Public Warning System is a system which local or provincial authorities could warn the public about impending or current emergencies affecting their area. PWS can be operated through the carriers’ mobile wideband system to base station in certain area and be sent as SMS (Short Message Service) to the people who possess 4G LTE mobile phone.



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