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Bureau Veritas initially launches its leading 4G LTE Certificate Service to facilitate a new era of 4G LTE in Taiwan


18th March 2014, Taiwan –  The largest phone markers, mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners from across the world have gathered in Barcelona this week for 2014's Mobile World Congress to show off their latest flagship models and state-of-the-art technology for the next generation trend. In Taiwan, the 4G LTE Era has arrived in its mobile devices communication! There will be a great amount of mobile gadgets, smart phones and tablets equipped with 4G LTE network specification in the market for echoing the promotion for LTE technology policy by Taiwan government and the innovative development of LTE technology. This year, Bureau Veritas has successful became the first qualified Certification Body to issue NCC 4G LTE certificate in Taiwan, this also presents Bureau Veritas only assisting the manufactures to obtains the certification for their products to fast access the market but also has the obligation to check on the product quality.



On March 18, 2014, A new era for Taiwan 4G LTE press conference will be taken placed and hosted by Bureau Veritas. The representative from government, authorities, research organization and reports from major prestigious media channel in Taiwan are invited and will gather to witness Bureau Veritas prominent world-class laboratory testing capabilities in 4G LTE and to discuss the latest 4G LTE technology and the prospection for 5G trend. .


As a global industry leader in wireless and mobile communication device testing and certification, Bureau Veritas has foreseen the booming LTE capability worldwide and successfully been approved by TAF (Taiwan Accreditation Foundation) to become the first testing and certification test lab for NCC PLMN10 (Technical Specifications for Mobile Broadband Subscriber Station) and IS2050 (Mobile Broadband Base Station Radio Frequency Equipment Technical Specifications) in November, 2013. Soon after, Bureau Veritas becames first Qualified Certification Body to Issue NCC 4G LTE Certificate in Taiwan. 


According to Mr. Tarik Mahammed, Vice President of Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, Electrical and Electronic Business Line, Asia region, “ The times of 4G LTE is arrived today!! Bureau Veritas is ready to guard rights of consumers with its comprehensive testing and certification solution for mobile devices in order to support in building up a better mobile lifestyle to Taiwan consumers. Bureau Veritas will continued concentrate on the development trend of mobile devices and with the most adequate professional competences to quickly and accurately satisfy the market’s demand for clients’ products by strictly following Taiwanese government issued regulatory.”



Above photo shows (start from left side)

1. Mr. Qiu, Counselor,the representative of Taoyuan County Government
2. Mr. Chen, the President of TAF
3. Mr. Tarik Mahammed,Vice President of BVCPS E&E Asia Region
4. Dr. Shieh, the engineering director of ITRI
5. Mr. Liao, the representative of Mobile Business Group of Chunghwa Telecom



Nowadays, there is a variety of mobile phones equipped with 4G LTE network specification in the Taiwan market but only 8 series of smart phones are certified with NCC 4G LTE type approval certificate. Bureau Veritas hereby reminds the public to pay more attention to official certificate issue of smart phones instead of focusing merely their appearances and functions.  As for the ubiquity of smart phones and the rapid development in 4G LTE, Taiwanese government combine wireless communication systems with the Disaster Announcement Cell Broadcast Service (the Public Warning System, or PWS) to alert the populace of danger as soon as a disaster occurs, thereby greatly reducing the number of injuries and deaths.  


NCC has set up the regulation to all carriers those should offer free PWS service to all mobile end users and listed PWS as one of compulsory regulations for mobile testing items. In order to comply the government policy, Bureau Veritas will strictly test and certify the mobile phone with 4G LTE specification for its warning functions as the first lines of defense for Taiwan government to assure all PWS systems work well in the smart phones of end users. This new regulation represents a great leap from traditional technology toward a new era, mobile communication with PWS, for massive mobile users.






Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services  Electrical and Electronics Business Line


Vicky Chen
+886-3-318-3232 ext. 1933

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