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Bluetooth is booming; are you ready for the new requirements?

Bluetooth technology has been around for many years; however, with the proliferation of the smartworld, it is now part of our everyday lives including phones/tablets, car products, wearable devices and home products such as speakers & smart coffee makers. There are additionally new Bluetooth SIG brand changes which need to be understood / complied with.

As a retailer, vendor or manufacturer, you need to demonstrate the products you buy and sell are not only regulatory compliant but they also meet the Bluetooth industry performance requirements. If you use the logo on your product, you additionally need to make sure it is the correct and legal Bluetooth trademarks in light of the impending changes later this year. To brand or rebrand a product, eg, private label products, using Bluetooth technology trademarks, the product must complete both qualification and declaration (listing) to demonstrate and declare your products satisfy the requirements of the Bluetooth license agreements. If you are selling or distributing another company’s Bluetooth product and not branding the product as your own, you do not need to qualify or declare the product. Members not completing the requirements or misusing the Bluetooth trademarks for the products they build, brand or otherwise represent as their own, are subject to enforcement action.

Our Approach:
A reliable and technically aware Testing, Inspection & Certification partner is your solution! We have years of experience within the Bluetooth industry. Our labs worldwide have all the required testing equipment, our inspectors and auditors are located worldwide and our technical assistance keeps you abreast of all the latest requirements and failure / sourcing risks.

All of which means we can offer you a one-stop solution for fast and effective global market access from our labs worldwide, including China and Taiwan. We can also help you develop Bluetooth specifications / guidelines.

New Logo Update:
In May 2016, the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) released an update to its 2016 new Brand guidelines. As well as the new logo is changing its color from deep blue to light blue, the Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready Marks are being phased out. Although Bluetooth SIG has not defined a date to mandate the use of new logos, members should make its commercially reasonable efforts to update to the new logo.  


Why Bureau Veritas? 

With BQTFs in Americas, Europe and Asia (Taiwan & China), Bureau Veritas offers you the convenience of global coverage with local service.

One-stop Solution
With a rich history in testing and certifying Bluetooth enabled products, Bureau Veritas can support you in all the requirements for successful market access covering regulatory and Bluetooth SIG requirements for your Bluetooth products.

Technical Knowledge & Leadership
Our staff participates in the development of industry and regulatory standards worldwide, keeping you and us at the forefront of changes in the various approvals requirements and certification methods.

Bureau Veritas’ Bluetooth One-Stop Solution
Verify Your Products Meet All Necessary Requirements

Product Scope

  •  IT Products
  •  Audio Video Products
  •  Domestic Appliances
  •  Cellular Phones & Tablets
  •  Wearables
  •  Remote Controls

Accessory Scope

  •  Charger (external power supply)
  •  Batteries



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