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2016 Bureau Veritas Internet of Things (IoT) and the Trends in Mobile Device Technology Seminar


In recent years, with the rapid growth of Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing service related applications make many brand manufacturers gain much popularity and are able to explore more business opportunities, moreover, it also considered as a new driving force for electrical and electronic manufactures to generate more business revenues. Therefore, the next generation of 5G wireless networks will provide the primary impetus to the telecom industry, especially the LTE technology has developing numerous IoT applications, among them, WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee those predictably will dominate IoT connectivity due to its features- lower power consumption and heavily usage in home and various industrial applications. However, the impact of Internet of Things will be significantly affected by product interoperability and compatibility test technology that will be the challenges product developers face with. 

Furthermore, how to secure the IoT related market trend to prosper, the data information security plays a significant role; hackers only need to discover a minor weakness in information network then attack it, they can simply and easily steal the personal data and privacy from the internet, or an additional threaten to personal safety.        

In order to support our clients fast access into the global markets of Internet of Things and quickly gain an insight into the latest regulation of testing and certification. Bureau Veritas hosts a series of 「Internet of Things (IoT) and the trends in Mobile device Technology seminar」 to provide IoT related market trends and global regulatory information, aim to assist clients facilitate new products and service development process and reduce the time to market, afterwards, to increase the market competitiveness.

Bureau Veritas is a global leading organization in testing, inspection, and certification, playing an important role for the issuance of type approval certificate for IoT related industry. We share expertise covering a wide range of wireless testing, Bluetooth, PTCRB/GCF, smart grid and Z-wave, ZigBee and Information Security related testing and certification services; support clients to ensure the right level of R&D investment can be made to safeguard a strong future for IoT and Mobile Devices. 

This series of seminars will be hosted in Bureau Veritas Hwaya office, Hsinchu and Taipei City respectively and scheduled on 8 Sep., 23 Sep. and 30 Sep. 2016. Do not miss out on taking this first step towards building a global business. Places are limited please register today! 


Click here to enroll the Information Security Seminar (8 Sep. )

 Limited registration of 90 people due to the venue issue
Click here to enroll the EMC_RF Seminar (23 Sep. ) 
 Limited registration of 100 people due to the venue issue
 Click here to enroll the Mobile Seminar (30 Sep. )



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