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Eying The Demand For 5G And IoT Product Testing And Certification, Bureau Veritas Continue to Develop Its Footprint And Capabilities In Asian Markets

Varied IoT applications with advanced technology have been rapidly developed, those are bringing thoughtful changes to people’s lives.  In addition to network and sensor technologies, IoT concept aims to provide smarter and more convenient applications by utilizing cloud computing technology. Those applications are closely related to our daily life, encompassing smart manufacturing, energy management, smart home, wearable devices, healthcare and even new forms of transportation and traffic solutions, which have all set good examples of IoT developments.

Massive data collected by sensors brought boosting demand of data transmission efficiency and user experience improvements. Wherein 5G communication technology plays a critical role. With an increasing number of chip makers and system integrators engaging with developments in full swing and new product testing and certification organizations expediting the establishment of certification standards, 5G commercial operation and implementation is expected in 2020. The developments of 5G coupled with a host of communication technologies including WiFi as well as BlueTooth(BT), LoRa and SigFox, which has its unique advantages and  potential of domination, are making wireless communication technologies the engine driving burgeoning growth of new types of smart applications and explosive growth of the digital economy. This enables higher quality smart living to become the value of the new generation that everyone can enjoy.

Bureau Veritas is a global leader in testing and certification organization, is highly regarded by the electronics design and manufacturing industries in the world. Actively upholding its important role in promoting communication and IoT developments, Bureau Veritas provides a comprehensive one-stop services for the testing, inspection and certification of wireless communication technologies, including WiFi, LoRa, SigFox and BlueTooth to leverage its strength in technological certification and testing with leading labs in Taiwan and China to help customers quickly penetrate into the IoT market.

To help customers stay on top of the latest developments in wireless communication technologies and IoT applications to fast catch the forthcoming 5G opportunities, Bureau Veritas hosted a seminar entitled “Embracing 5G Mobile Communications & Technology for a Smarter World” at Grand Victoria Hotel in Taipei on July 13, 2017. The event offered a glimpse on the trends of new technology developments and market opportunities.

The seminar gathered many professional partners who came from a leading organization of varied market segment to explore new applications, including upcoming market trend covering 5G implementation challenges, smart living technology development, inspection and certification of cyber security, wireless charging technologies, battery life, and strategic plan for 5G technology development. These topics definitely support the audiences to broaden their marketability. Bureau Veritas also offered the attendees a 360-degree Virtual Reality (VR) experience to explore its modern wireless laboratories virtually covering SAR, EMC, OTA and RF testing chambers.

Taiwan has become a technical competence center for completing conformity test and certification services
In Digitimes’ interview at the event with Elio Sun, Director, Bureau Veritas CPS E&E Taiwan, and Chris Baird, Global Marketing Director, Bureau Veritas CPS, Sun pointed out two important trends will lead the high-tech industry’s developments over the next few years, the first being the upcoming 5G era. Starting from 2018, the market will see tremendous business opportunities with massive 5G communication equipment and 5G-enabled mobile devices soon to launch. However, 5G utilized wide bandwidth; from sub-6GHz to high-frequency millimeter-wave including the varied latest directives, regulations, and standards, proved and published by international organizations and government authorities. The time when these regulations and standards can be established will impact the launch schedule of products and services. For big market players scrambling for a share of 5G markets, the timing is everything. As such, testing labs, certification organizations, and the industry are working in close collaboration.

Secondly, more and more small-sized devices, in addition to smartphones and tablets, are integrating with varied wireless communication technologies, in other words, the industry is facing challenges in engineering design, cost control and shortening time-to-market. With the growing diversity of smart connected devices, the number of mandatory test items with respect to safety and EMC testing increase; and so does the time it takes to complete the tests. This is why the industry needs professional labs with sufficient capabilities of testing and certification services to help speed up time-to-market. By leveraging the testing capacities of different site labs, Bureau Veritas is able to have IoT devices tested and certified in ten days, compared to the three-month period it usually takes. “An outstanding world-class certification service provider ensures access to 5G and IoT markets for the high-tech industry,” emphasized Sun.

Targeting emerging markets, Bureau Veritas continues to Develop its Footprint in Asia 
Chris Baird further provided his analysis on the global market of conformity testing and certification services, he commented “Asian countries dominate the world’s developments in electronics manufacturing, generating over 70% of the revenues, with Taiwan and China particularly in the lead. Taiwan’s electronics manufacturing supply chain and industry ecosystem has built up a competitive edge and business reputation over the years and is therefore enthusiastically embraced by world-leading brands. As such, ten years ago, Bureau Veritas’ Consumer Products Services Division (CPS) began to shift operation focus from the U.S. to Asia by adding branches and labs throughout Asia and setting up the CPS head office in Hong Kong. Although the Taiwan electronics industry has moved most manufacturing bases to China, the major R&D centers still remain in Taiwan. Baird kept complimenting the Taiwan electronics industry for promoting the concept of “Made by Taiwan” and continuing commitment to refining Taiwan’s technology R&D and product design capabilities.

The Taiwan market contributes the most significant share of Bureau Veritas’ conformity test revenue. Bureau Veritas has also set up the most comprehensive test labs and test items in Taiwan, which provide critical technical support when new labs are being added in other parts of Asia. In particular, China local laboratories have difficulty to be authorized by major international standard-setting organizations due to varied political issues. Therefore, for products in China to obtain international certifications, manufacturers often have to seek help and advice from labs based in Taiwan. This proves how important Taiwan is to Bureau Veritas.

As a leading brand in conformity test and certification services, Bureau Veritas will stay committed to strengthening its developments in Asia, especially Southeast and South Asia, where manufacturing business is emerging, said Chris Baird. Bureau Veritas will also continue to build new service centers and labs in the hope of opening up new markets together with Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer and designer customers by offering all-round and prompt services.

For the detailed media report (In Chinese), please kindly refer to the following link:
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This original article is in Chinese version which was published by Digitimes on 7/26/2017. 
(English content provided by Bureau Veritas CPS E&E TW)

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