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Bureau Veritas Becomes the First SABS Accredited Lab in Taiwan for Three-Phased Devices EMC Testing

Bureau Veritas, a leading Testing, Inspection and Certification provider for the consumer and electrical/electronic products industry announces its  E&E/ Wireless laboratory in Taiwan, recently has been accredited by SABS to become the first SABS accredited lab in Taiwan who is competent and is capable on testing three-phased device.

Bureau Veritas’ skilled lab engineers in a wide array of technologies as well as the international approval expertise team offer an efficient EMC compliance service to support our clients to shorten their products time-to-market needs. Our tailored testing solutions support clients to quick navigate their path over the regulatory hurdles to the target markets for speedy market approval. As its best results in a synergy that offers the clients productive SABS CoC services.

SABS has resumed the SABS EMC CoC issuance since 2017 JUN 1.
The following are the key insights into the differences between the old and the new SABS rules,

FAQ (Got Questions? Find Answer Here!)

Question 1: Does the EMC report for SABS CoC application cover EMI and EMS
Answer 1:  Yes,  the test report must fully cover all the EMC requirements – EMI (Emissions) and EMS (Immunity) for a specific product under a specific standard.

Question 2: The validity of SABS CoC 
Answer 2: 3 years

Question 3: Who should be the SBS CoC applicant 
Answer 3:  Any entity ( offshore company or South African company)  can be the applicant ( payer). However, the SABS CoC licensee must be an South African company. The factory information should be submitted when lodge the application.
Remark:  Bureau Veritas provides turn-key solution which is inclusive of testing , agency services as well        as commission of oath solutions 

Question 4: Is there any specific requirement of new SABS EMC reports?
Answer 4: 
1) Each CoC allows one factory, one brand. Each CoC lists maximum 4 models .
2) The test report must have three (03) logos – the first one is the logo of the testing laboratory, the second one is the logo of the accreditation body in that particular country( i.e. TAF)  and the last logo is the SABS.

3)  The test report must have a Unique Identification Number (UIN) issued by the SABS to link the test report with the CoC application - the UIN must be displayed on each page of the test report.
Remark:  The applicant ( or its representative) is obliged to submit an application form to SABS . Once accepted, SABS will issue a UIN number . The applicant should inform the testing lab of this UIN number before tests getting started.

Question 5: Will SABS collect annual fee 
Answer 5: No annual fees

Question 6: Does SABS conduct the factory inspection before CoC issuance
Answer 6: No factory inspection 

Question 7: Shall I send samples to South Africa for -in-country test?
Answer 7: No, the clients can send their samples to any one of  SABS Authorised Laboratories (A-lab) for testing.
Remark: Bureau Veritas provides turn-key solution which is inclusive of testing , agency services as well as commission of oath solutions .

Question 8: Any SABS type approval logo needed ?
Answer 8: No specific product verification logo

Question 9: Shall I apply for SABS CoC for my products which are ICASA certified ones ?
Answer 9: No
NRCS (LoA) remains needed.

Explanatory note:
The operation of SABS on-line submission system hasn't got started yet . The email submission is the provisional measure.


Choosing Bureau Veritas during the product development process, its budget-conscious solution helps you in speeding up the product development in the design phase and to be more cost efficient as well as broadening its horizons in South Africa marketplace.

About Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas is a world leader in conformity assessment and certification services. Founded in 1828, the group has 69,000 employees in more than 1400 offices and laboratories located in 140 countries. Bureau Veritas helps its clients to improve their performances by offering innovative services and solutions in order to ensure that their products, infrastructure and processes meet standards and regulations in terms of quality, health and safety, environment protection and social responsibility.

Website:  www.bureauveritas.cow

Bureau Veritas Customer Products Services (BVCPS) Electrical & Electronic Division (E&E) provides comprehensive electrical and electronic products certification & testing solutions for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Safety, RF, Telecom, GCF/PTCRB, BlueTooth,  Wi-Fi, OTA, Battery, Photovoltaic (PV inverter), Digital TV & Broadcasting, NEBS, Eco-design of ErP and power consumption. Our "total solution" approach with a variety of capabilities helps clients shorten the time to market for their products including IoT / IT Equipment, Wearable Devices, Audio / Video, mobile device, communications, wireless products, household products, battery, power supply, lighting as well as industrial, scientific and medic devices, and photovoltaic inverter.  To learn more about our services, please visit website:




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