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Wi-Fi Alliance® Introduces Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA3™ Security, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Easy Connect™ and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Enhanced Open™ In June, 2018

1. Wi-Fi Alliance® announced Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA3™, which is the next generation of Wi-Fi Protected Access® to provide more robust security in Wi-Fi personal and enterprise networks. PMF (Protected Management Frames) is required for WPA3. But it has backward capability to current legacy WPA2 devices by using WPA3 transition mode. WPA3 will become a mandatory feature for all Wi-Fi certified devices eventually as the growing adoption of WPA3. WPA3 personal devices need to pass WPA3-SAE, and for WPA3 Enterprise devices, they have to pass both WPA3-SAE and WP3-192 bit security tests.

2. Wi-Fi Alliance® launched Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Easy Connect™ to simply Wi-Fi connection for devices with little or no user interface. It can add devices into Wi-Fi network by simply scanning quick response (QR) code on devices. It will provide better Wi-Fi experience and convenience for users.

3. Wi-Fi Alliance® announced Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Enhanced Open™ to provide encrypted wireless transmission without authentication. It’s risky to Wi-Fi users to exposure their private data over the Wi-Fi open network, even HTTPS is used to encryption. Wi-Fi Enhance OPEN is used to improve data protection, and user authentication is still not required to keep convenience to users in public place.

Bureau Veritas CPS E&E can facilitate our clients to align with comprehensive Wi-Fi certification testing capabilities since 2004, and we will be able to provide these testing services for Wi-Fi members. 

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