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Additional RF EMC tests for wireless device submitted for KC mark taking effect from July 1st, 2011

Since the new certification scheme of Korea’s Radio Research Agency (RRA) is effective from January 24, 2011, RRA plans to include additional RF EMC tests against KN 301 489 for wireless devices. Now this new regulation has been introduced from July, 1st, 2011.

Additional RF EMC tests are required.

All devices equipped with wireless function, including wireless module.


1. System
System equipped with module which certified after July 1st
- If the new module is tested at end system (host) environment, the existing system does not need to be tested against KN 301 489.
- If the module is not tested at the end system environment, the existing system needs to be tested against KN 301 489.
System equipped with module which certified before July 1st
After July 1st, if new application or permissive change is required for the system, KN 301 489 test shall be performed.
System equipped with module which is not certified by RRA
Tests against KN22/24, RF, KN 301 489 are required.

2. Wireless module
Tested with system
If the wireless module is already tested and certified by RRA against KN22/24, RF and KN 301 489 with a system (e.g. NB/ AP…etc), for system equipped with this wireless module, it is only required to be tested against KN22 and KN24 for future new configurations.
Tested by module itself
- If the wireless module itself is certified against RF, and KN301-489, when this wireless module is embedded to the system, it is required to be tested against KN22/24 and KN 301 489 on the system.
- After July 1st, if permissive change of EMC required for the RF module, which was certified before July 1st, only KN301 489 is required.
- If the modification of RF module is not related with RF characteristics, only RF EMC & EMC tests are required.

3. Sample Requirement
1 set of normal sample is required for KN301 489 test.

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