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Wi-Fi Alliance announced that Wi-Fi Protected Setup 1.0 test will be postponed to Oct 31, 2011

According to the original agenda for stopping Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) 1.0 application, the applicant should finish the test and the report submission by August 31, 2011 if a WPS1.0 application has been submitted but not completed.

Due to some of Wi-Fi members unable to finish the Wi-Fi Simple Config (WSC) 2.0's technical upgrade during the period of change, Wi-Fi Alliance Operator Director, Tom Sciorilli, therefore announced that the deadline to stop the application and test for WPS1.0 certification will be postponed to Oct 31, 2011.

Wi-Fi Alliance already re-enables the WPS1.0 application option at Wi-Fi Certification System ( It is available to Wi-Fi members to apply or modify the WPS1.0 application.



It is not allowed to request both Wi-Fi Protected Setup™1 and Wi-Fi Protected Setup™2 in the same WPS application.

Mode of execution

Bureau Veritas ADT still keeps the WPS1.0 test beds, environment, and techniques. We can also accept the application for WPS1.0, WPS2.0 certification test from clients to Wi-Fi Alliance. We also have enough test beds and environment for WPS2.0 to satisfy the demand for pretest, etc.

Test Standard

- WPS1.0 test plan version: Wi-Fi Protected Setup Test Plan v1.14
- WPS2.0 test plan version: Wi-Fi Protected Setup Test Plan v2.0.4 and v2.0.5

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