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The FINAL revision of transition from Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) 1.0 to WPS2.0 certification

WFA Staff has re-assessed the transition from Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) 1.0 to WPS2.0 certification. The following is the **FINAL** revision to the WPS1.0 certification window:

Applications for WPS1.0 certification of Access Points will be accepted only through November 30, 2011. All WPS applications for APs submitted December 1, 2011 or later MUST be WPS2.0. (please refer below product categories)
- Access Point/Router
Access Point, Wireless Router for Home or Small Office
Enterprise Access Point, Switch/Controller, Gateway or Router Gateway
Cable, DSL, or Other Broadband Gateway

Applications for WPS1.0 certification of all other products (including mobile APs) will be accepted through January 31, 2012. All WPS applications submitted February 1, 2012 or later MUST be WPS2.0. (please refer below product categories)
- Mobile Access Point
- Cameras
e.g. Digital Camera, Portable Video Camera, Web Camera, etc…
- Audio Devices
e.g. Stationary Digital Audio, Portable Digital Audio, etc…
- Video Devices
e.g. Set-Top Box, Media Players & Recorders, Display Device, etc…
- Gaming Devices
e.g. Game Console & Adapter, Portable Gaming Device, etc…
- Storage and Servers
e.g. Media Server, Network Storage Server, Print Server, etc…
- PCs and Computing Devices
e.g. Adapter Cards , External Wi-Fi Card, Internal Wi-Fi Card, etc…
- Computers and PDAs
e.g. Tablet PC, Notebook PC, PDA, etc…
- Phones
e.g. Smartphone, IP Phone, etc…

Why do your products need WPS2.0 function?
WPS2.0 is an important step for the industry - it provides a much more consistent WPS user experience and helps drive increased use of WPA2 security. WPS is also a prerequisite for Wi-Fi Direct certification; lack of readiness for WPS2.0 certification will prohibit certification for Wi-Fi Direct once the transition period has ended.

Bureau Veritas ADT will continue to help members to complete the transition with regular plan.

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