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From Customer Dedication to Security Assurance: Bureau Veritas announces to host an Internet of Things (IoT) Global View Testing and Certification Seminar

Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, Electrical & Electronic Business Line (BVCPS E&E) announced today, it will host an IoT Global View Testing and Certification seminar in Taipei and Hsinchu Taiwan to help clients fast access into the IoT Market. 


IoT related applications can be implemented to every aspect of our lives and work, they not only cover the state-of-the-art development of wearable devices, but also include the segments of smart homes, smart grids, smart medicines, and smart cities. According to market intelligence firm IDC, the number of IoT-connected device will reach 212 billion by 2020, supporting a US$7.1 trillion market, and its global market is predicted to grow rapidly in the next five to ten years, therefore, numerous companies have deployed their marketability into this new industry. 

However, these new applications are strictly required to comply with regulatory standards from various countries in the world, those standards cover electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), specific absorption rate, (SAR), and radio frequency (RF). The majority of IoT products come into contact with the human body more frequently than other electronic items, so stricter standards are needed to protect health and safety of users. For these reasons, compliance with regulatory requirements will be a key factor in the successful launch of any product.

In order to help clients fast access into the IoT market and gain more competitiveness, Bureau Veritas host the「Bureau Veritas Internet of Things Global View Testing and Certification seminar」to provide a comprehensive macro-view of IoT industry trends and global regulatory standard information, to assist clients in better manage risk in product designing phrase, to reduce costs and time to market. Moreover, three professional industry consultants from MIC (Market Intelligent Consulting Institute) are invited to present global trends and market analysis. With Bureau Veritas professional experiences and MIC's market trend insights, this seminar will determinedly help all attendees to design products from customer dedication to security assurance and to view the global trend with broad perspectives.

As a global leading organization in testing and certification industry, Bureau Veritas has played an important role for the issuance of type approval certificate for Electrical and Electric products for many years. We offer expertise in wireless testing, EMC, RF, safety requirements, wireless charging, and chemical-related testing; support clients improve the market competitiveness and providing consumers with safer products.

Furthermore, in order to demonstrate Bureau Veritas’ continued commitment to social responsibility, we will provide the attendees a fine present which is made by the kids from EDEN Social Welfare Foundation. We hope to give all of the attendees an enriched seminar and also provide care and assistance to the kids in EDEN.


Do not miss out on taking this first step towards building a global business. Places are limited please register today!

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