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Egypt NTRA updated on the RED and the launching of the 4G services in Egypt

Below is the recent clarification received from Eng. Tarek Moh. El-kholy - Senior Manager, Type Approval Lab. of Egypt NTRA regarding some issues on RED topic.

1. Regarding the RED kindly be informed that for the time being both R&TTE directive and the RED directive are accepted by the NTRA and that will be applicable until the 13th of June 2017, after such date only the RED directive will be accepted by the NTRA.

Applying the RED either before or after the 13th of June will has two different approaches, normal and tightened approach:

- The Normal approach which will be initially applied on all manufacturers is the Annex III Module B which includes the EU-type examination certificate that will be a mandatory document to be included along with the full test report and the VoC for any new model and it involves only CE mark without NBID.
- Tightened approach which will be applied on the manufacturers with low quality products and repeated faulty exported goods is the Annex IV Module H with its full liabilities that includes the full quality assurance as conformity assessment procedures and it involves CE mark along with the NBID.

For those products certified according to the R&TTE directive before the 13th of June will need no modifications after such date and will be continuously accepted by the NTRA after the 13th of June 2017, however the manufacturers of such equipment should be instructed to remove the NBID from their products after such date just not to be mistakenly taken as RED Module H compliant products.

2. The 4G services in Egypt is already in service however it is not officially launched yet, customers may need to know that the 4G will be operating in Egypt in the four bands band 1, band 3, band 8 & band 28, so it is preferred that the 4G cellular mobile phones and tablets should have the 4G connectivity in all four bands so not to be disconnected from the 4G services while moving between different geographical areas. 

Bureau Veritas ADT is NTRA accredited test lab in China. 

Bureau Veritas CPS E&E can facilitate our clients to align with above updates.
Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any inquiry.












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