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Brazil ANATEL Updates On WiGig And IPv6 Testing

October 29th, 2018-  ANATEL certification update concerning  IEEE802.11ad WiGig local testing and Host device using certified WWAN Module will require IPv6 testing. 

1. IEEE802.11ad WiGig local testing
A local lab -Instituto Eldorado issued a note informing about its new testing scope to perform RF testing up to 220 GHz. Currently, this lab is the only one in Brazil able to test 802.11ad WiGig. So, from now on, ANATEL will not accept testing report from foreigner labs for WiGig. Also, other devices working in high frequencies such as 24 GHz Radar sensor will require local testing (currently there are 3 labs in Brazil with scope to perform RF testing up to 40 GHz).

2. Host device using certified WWAN Module will require IPv6 testing
In the meeting between ANATEL, OCDs and Labs on Oct 3rd during the 22º ANATEL Annual Forum, ANATEL Manager informed OCDs and Labs from that moment on they will be more critical for WWAN certified modules when integrated to the host and a simple declaration letter will not be accept anymore, except if manufacturer can prove host product’s IPv6 behavior is exclusively adopted from the module. Due to this information all OCDs meet to discuss it two weeks ago and they defined it is required to do at least the IPv6 RFC 2460 testing to prove that the IPv6 functionality will keep the same when WWAN module is integrated to the host. So, host devices using certified WWAN module will need to do IPv6 testing, but only the standard RFC 2460 items (no need to test the 3GPP or ETSI items). In this case, it will be still possible to skip the WWAN functional testing and IPv6 3GPP / ETSI items, all other items like IPv6 RFC, EMC and Safety must be done in the host.

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