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Along with the progress of technology, the digitalization of audio and video products is irresistible. Each country is thus making a definite policy on their digital TV and digital broadcasting in order to lead the industry and shift into digital age smoothly. USA requires all TV receivers must include the capability to receive digital television signals from Mar.1st, 2007. Taiwan also requires all set-top boxes and TVs must be equipped with tuners having digital terrestrial television reception capability from Jan.1st, 2008.

With years of rich experiences in EMC and safety services as well as the long and close cooperation with many TV vendors, we have established the most complete digital TV/broadcasting testing and certification procedure mechanism to offer our customers the professional, fast and efficient services. By working with us, vendors can have their products getting certified globally, launched on schedule and win more market share.

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Service Scope
•Digital TV
  » SDTV
  » HDTV
  » Set-top Box (DVB / ATSC / other systems)
•Digital Broadcasting
  » DAB
  » DMB

Test items of Technical spec. for digital terrestrial TV receivers (CNS 14972)
  » Multipath with short delay echoes
  » Multipath with long delay echoes
  » Adjacent channel DVB-T interference
  » RF input dynamic range
  » Additive White Gaussian Noise
  » Receive and demodulation
  » Video display format
  » Chinese caption display
  » Impulsive interference tests
  » Characteristic with a single echo outside the guard interval
  » Performance with a single 0 dB echo within the guard interval

Compliance Requirements

Digital TV products shall be subject to the following testing and certification according to each region's regulations.

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