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Gartner, Inc. forecasts that the global wearable electronic device market is forecast to be worth more than $50 billion in 2021. The leading manufacturers are all well prepared to release related end products and start selling. The market will expect be driven forward by new and different wearable products. 

Since the application of wearable devices are simultaneously becoming more various and more complicated , the risk it brings is relatively higher than non-wearable products. Therefore, the saety assessment of wearable products to comply with regulations and consider product's  performance and consistency is a critical success factor. 

With Bureau Veritas' leadership in compliance and wireless testing, information quality, connectivity & security services, we are able to offer a full solution to ensure your products meet the requirements of smart world.


1. Wireless testing and Certification 
• Bluetooth Certification

• WiFi
• Zigbee (RF)
• LTE/4G
2. Chemical Testing including RoHS, REACH, Allergens/ Nickel Release
3. EMC testing
4. Safety testing 
Comply & Perform
1. Compliance Testing and Certification

• Bluetooth (SIG)
• Wireless Charging Testing (WPC)
2. Reliability/ Ingress Protection Testing
3. Consumer Panel Evaluation
4. Comparison Testing
5. Battery Life Testing
6. OTA testing
Secure & Safe
1. Connectivity

2. Quality of Service
3. Security

Bureau Veritas Advantages
1. Comply with new information and traditional product compliance/ performance requirements.

2. Identify product selling features and benefits by target market
3. Stay ahead of regulatory and technology developments
4. Monitor and improve supply chain

Why Choose Bureau Veritas CPS E&E Taiwan?

Reputation :
Founded in 1828, Bureau Veritas is a leading global quality assurance provider with more than 75,000 employees operating out of 1,400 offices and laboratories in over 140 countries.

Worldwide Locations :
With dedicated and experienced test and approvals engineers and inspectors in every major sourcing area worldwide, Bureau Veritas offers you the convenience of global coverage with local service where you need it.

Technical Knowledge and Time-to-Market :
Our staff participates in the development of international, industry and regulatory standards worldwide, keeping you and us at the forefront of changes in the various approvals requirements and certification methods.

Personalized Service :
Bureau Veritas recognizes the value that certification can bring. As such, we offer customized and specialized services to meet your safety compliance needs throughout your supply chain. If asked to intervene at an early stage, we can offer suggestions to enhance the product's approval success without sacrificing innovation or creativity.



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