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In-car connectivity is shaping the automotive market of the future. Cars are becoming a part of the connected world by d digitally l inking themselves to their passengers, their environment and the growing number of vehicle-connected services.

Bureau Veritas has supported the automotive industry for many years with testing, certification and type approval handling services for wireless components and applications. More recently, we have also been involved in connected-car projects, due to the expanding deployment of wireless connectivity in the automotive sector. A s such, Bureau Veritas is not only supporting the development and market access processes of automotive devices, modules and applications, but also the integration, validation and maintenance of Car2X services.

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Why Choose Bureau Veritas CPS E&E Taiwan?


The new certification standard is based on 5.9 GHz DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications), IEEE 802.11 & 1609.2, and SAE J2735 & J2945/1. This connected vehicle safety pilot program covers a variety of basic safety messages, SPAT/MAP messages, security credentials, vehicle-to-vehicle communications, vehicle-to-infrastructure communications. It is being implemented in many connected vehicle pilot programs across the United States. Bureau Veritas is developing the testing processes for conformance testing requirements to the various protocols; IEEE 802.11p, SAE J2945, and ETSI ES 202 663 and currently performs EMC, FCC, ETSI, WAVE, and Environmental testing on roadside units or devices developed for the vehicle.

As a leader in wireless communications testing and certification, Bureau Veritas serves more than V2X connectivity, but work with many automotive manufacturers and tier one suppliers for telematics, infotainment, navigation and more to perform all necessary tests to bring clients’ product to market as quickly as possible – with the desired quality and performance.

Bureau Veritas' subsidiary – 7Layers also is a member of OmniAir, participating in developing V2X certification and contributing to technical working groups. OmniAir supports the development and promotion of certification for the Intelligent Transportation Systems Industry. In addition to this 7layers is participating in other industry groups such as, Connected Vehicle Trade Association, Car2Car, Car Connectivity Association, and the Wireless Power Charging Association.

As such we are deeply integrated into the heartbeat of the wireless automotive technology.



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