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A telecommunication product, such as telephone set, fax machine, ADSL, cable modem, mobile phone, has to comply with electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and radio frequency (RF) requirements in sake of public network protection. Some voluntary schemes, such as PTCRB, GCF, CTIA, Wi-Fi Alliance, WiMAX Forum or operators’ specifications, could be chosen to follow if it is a mobile device.

Compliance Requirements

Telecom products shall be subject to the following testing and certification according to each country's regulations.

Why Choose Bureau Veritas CPS E&E Taiwan?

Bureau veritas CPS E&E Taiwan is accredited as the following qualifications and can offer you the fastest and professional services.

01. TAF ISO 17025 accredited lab.
02. TAF ISO/IEC 17065 certification body.
03. Taiwan BSMI designated testing lab.
First BSMI VPC (Voluntary Product Certification) designated testing lab.
05. First private lab accredited by Taiwan NCC.
06. Taiwan NCC RCB.
07. CBTL with the scopes of EMC, OFF, TRON, BATT, PV, MED, SAFE, MEAS, HOUS & LITE.
08. First private safety testing lab accredited by ZLS (Zentralstelle der Lander fur Sicherheitstechnik).
09. PTCRB testing lab.
10. GCF testing lab.
CTIA Authorized Testing Lab (CATL).
12. Wi-Fi Alliance Authorized Test lab.
13. Wi-Fi Alliance and CTIA Co-authorized lab for CWG-RF performance.
14. WiMAX Forum Designated Certification Lab (WFDCL).
15. WiMAX Forum Designated Validation Lab (WFDVL).
16. WiMAX Certification Body (WCB).
17. Vodafone approved OTA and SAR Lab.
18. Verizon approved ITL (Independent Testing Lab) for NEBS.
19. NFC accredited Lab.

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