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About Saudi Arabia SASO

In June 2006, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued a Notice advising of the implementation of Ministerial decision regarding the evolution of the Certificate Programme (ICCP). Under the new scheme, all consignments are subject to verification of conformity to Saudi standards (SASO). Pre-shipment Conformity certificates may be issued by approved inspection bodies holding the appropriate authority in the country of certificate issuance. From 2009, Customs Authorities play a new role and monitor certificates of conformity on arrival. This Programme is intended to provide safety for citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and improve environmental health protection.

Compliance Solution

Bureau Veritas carries out documentary checks & shipment inspections in the country of export to verify the conformity of the goods in order that the required conformity certificate may be provided to the exporter. Exporters may contact the relevant Bureau Veritas office. Exporters to Saudi Arabia should present documents showing the conformity of their products in accordance with the specified Standards. The verification programme facilitates import customs transactions, minimizes further inspection and testing on arrival, thereby reducing the overall cost, possible delay of customs release and risk to re-export due to non-conformity of the goods.

Why Choose Us?

Bureau veritas is accredited as the following qualifications and can offer you the fastest and professional services.


Bureau Veritas is appointed by SASO to implement pre-shipment conformity program.

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