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About RF

With the increasing convergence of IT and radio/telecoms technologies, the wireless/digital home becoming more a reality, and with radio technologies being introduced and updated on an almost daily basis, partnering with a knowledgeable technology and compliance expert such as Bureau Veritas CPS E&E Taiwan is a critical success factor being adopted by many companies.

Equipment buyers and prescribers such as importers, retailers and telecom/WLAN operators, have also made it very clear that they require increasing quality of product and supply chain management on a worldwide level. Staying abreast of, and compliant with, the legal framework in your target markets is critical for your success. Saving costs by working with us at the outset of your project also ensures compliance costs can be kept to a minimum whilst time to market is improved upon.

For more inqueries, please contact us or call us at +886-3-3183232

Service Scope
• Mobile 2G/2.5G/3G/3.5G/4G/5G Mobile Terminal Equipment
• UWB (Ultra-wideband) Product
• Zigbee, Z-Wave, LoRa, Sigfox
• Broadband Power Line System
• Femtocell, Base Station
• Wi-Fi Product (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax WLAN)
• Bluetooth Product
• SRD (Short Range Device)
• 60GHz Wireless HD Product
• Wireless Charger
• Internet of Things
• 77GHz Automotive sensors
• mmWave product

Test Items
• Field Strength
• Frequency Tolerance
• Tx and Rx Conformance
• HAC (E&H-field, T-Coil)
• Output Power
• Occupied Bandwidth
• Tx and Rx Spurious Emission
• EMF test
• Adaptivity

Testing Scope

Bureau Veritas CPS E&E Taiwan can conduct RF tests based on, including but not limited to, the following international and regional standards.

Why Choose Bureau Veritas CPS E&E Taiwan?

Bureau veritas CPS E&E Taiwan is accredited as the following qualifications and can offer you the fastest and professional services.

01. TAF ISO 17025 accredited lab.
02. TAF ISO/IEC 17065 certification body.
03. First private lab accredited by Taiwan NCC.
04. Taiwan NCC RCB.
05. CBTL with the scopes of EMC, OFF, TRON, BATT, PV, MED, SAFE, MEAS, HOUS & LITE.

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