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About Cyber Security Assessment


Bureau Veritas, a global leader in testing & certification of technology products, and Onward Security, a leading brand in security assessment solutions, have partnered to offer network product security assessment solutions to serve network product vendors to increase their product security and stability.

Our Cyber Security Service includes:

1. Professional and comprehensive vulnerability testing on website, server, and application.
2. Standardized and efficient assessment procedure for product and device testing.
3. Partnership approach with network product vendors to increase product security /stability.


Our "one-stop" service platform integrates a full range of testing, certification, training and consulting services across all critical steps along the supply chain, in order to accelerate the time to market of our client's products and avoid duplication of tests. Our primary mission is to help our customers create higher value for their products, to establish trustworthy brands, and to enhance their competitive advantages in the marketplace. 


Network Security Assessment service
Product/ Device Security Assessment
Application Security Assessment 


Service Scope

Server Security Assessment
Network Security Assessment
Product/Device Security Assessment         

Product Security Assessment Service 

1. Embedded System Security Assessment
2. Mobile/Apps Security Assessment
3. Cloud Security Assessment
4. IoT Security Assessment
5. Product Security Consulting

Test Guideline

NIST SP 800-115
OWASP Testing Guide

IT Security Assessment Service

1. Penetration Testing
2. Application Security Assessment
3. ICS/SCADA Security Assessment
4. Endpoint Security Assessment
5. Wireless Security Assessment
6. Denial of Service
7. Social Engineering
8. IT Security Consulting 

Why Choose Bureau Veritas CPS E&E Taiwan?

Strong Capability/Recognition

  • 1. Skills include software, firmware, hardware hacking and source code review
  • 2. Found 40+ zeroday information security vulnerabilities from 2012~2015, published by CERT(CVE IDs)
  • 3. Most team members have master degrees and international security certificates (40+ certificates in total) 
  • 4. Information Security Assessment Report recognized and accepted by US government and European telecom players. 

Proven Track Record 

  • 1. Assisted Taiwan's NCC (National Communications Commission) to develop “The standard of Smartphone APP security testing”
  • 2. Assisted Taiwan's MOEA (Ministry of Economic Affairs) to develop “The standard of mobile APPs information security”
  • 3. Have long-term partnerships with Taiwan network device manufacturers 
  • 4. Conducted PenTest on 300+ Taiwan Government Departments and the Industrial control system (SCADA) for an Energy, Water and Power provider 

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