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About V2X Solution

DSRC: The Future of Safer Driving DSRC / V2X, V2V, V2I Test Services Vehicle-to-X refers to an intelligent transport system where all vehicles and infrastructure systems are interconnected with each other.

This connectivity will provide more precise knowledge of the traffic situation across the entire road network which in turn will help:

Optimize traffic flows
Reduce congestion
Reduce accident numbers
Minimize emissions

DSRC (Dedicated Shor t Range Communications) is a two way short- to- medium-range wireless communications capability that permits very high data transmission critical in communications-based active safety applications. In Report and Order FCC-03-324, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allocated 75 MHz of spectrum in the 5.9 GHz band for use by Intelligent Transportations Systems (ITS) vehicle safety and mobility applications.

Bureau Veritas V2X solution supports development and testing of vehicle-to-X applications - rely on Bureau Veritas' V2X knowhow and wireless test expertise!!

Service Scope

DSRC testing capabilities at Bureau Veritas

» Data Transmission
» Transport – IEEE 1609.3
» Security – IEEE 1609.2
» Link – IEEE 1609.4
» Physical – IEEE 802.11
» Data Messages
» BSM message encoding – SAE J2945/1 & SAEJ2735

Other DSRC related testing capabilities

» Regulatory requirements – US (FCC), Canada (IC), Europe (RED)
» RF Testing/ Antenna Performance in an OTA Chamber
» Homologation / Type Approvals

Why Choose Bureau Veritas CPS E&E Taiwan?


• Active member of OmniAir and participating in developing V2X certification and contributing to technical working groups.

• Bureau Veritas is participating in varied industry groups such as, Connected Vehicle Trade Association, Car2Car, Car Connectivity Association.

• Participant of USDOT pilot program for Connected Vehicle Safety

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