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About Wireless Power Charging

About wireless power charging

There are two different ways of wireless power charging
» via electromagnetic induction
» via magnetic frequency resonance

The Wireless Power Consortium
The Wireless Power Consortium currently supports the electromagnetic induction method and is going to support the resonant charging technology in due course as well. It combines inductive technologies transmitter and receiver coil – placed no more than 7 mm from each other resonant charging technologies transmitter detects and charges mobile devices at a maximum distance of 45 mm.

By incorporating both methods, all products that are "Qicertified" according to the specifications of the Wireless Power Consortium, cover a large range of use cases.

Service Scope

WPC Qi testing & certification
Bureau Veritas supports manufacturers from various industries (e.g. mobile phone industry, automotive industry) that want to enhance their products with wireless power charging.

Service Scope Including:

» Consultancy on how to access the WPC market
» Cnsultancy regarding the Qi certification process
» Qi certification project handling

Service Approach
Testing takes place in the WPC authorized test labs of our parent company Bureau Veritas, offering
» Qi compliance testing & certification for 5W Low Power (BPP : Basic Power Profile)
» Pre-compliance testing
» Qi compliance testing
» Debugging support
» Handling of IOP test procedures
» Qi test report and certification handling
» Also preparing our laboratory for Qi certification testing offast transmitting and charging devices”, according to the new specification 1.2., which makes it possible to deliver as much as 15 Watts to mobile devices.

Why Choose Bureau Veritas CPS E&E Taiwan?

Wireless Power Consortium members
Have access to OEM, ODM, engineering and test services to ensure compatibility and quality.
Can get help with IC, coils and shielding, reducing manufacturers' bill of materials.
Can support the application development complying with new Qi specifications.
Can participate in the regular technical meeting and the interoperability test events, verifying the interoperable function of their prototypes against other member's products
Can get a company listing on the official WPC website
Can use the Qi logo at no additional cost.
WPC membership makes it easy to differentiate products while boosting margins.

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